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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Matt burks
      5” ram tips

      Tips fit & look good, however the etching for the name is way off center and crooked. Didn’t come with clams so I had to cut my factory ones off. Wasn’t expecting this on account of the price range but they definitely look great from behind the truck

      Mark Brunet
      Like them but…..

      From what I can tell, these tips were supposed to come with a set a clamps. Mine did not. So I cut the welds off my factory tips and used those. Not the end of the world but was annoying. Also the logo etching on one tip is considerably off center from the angled face. This was more disappointing. But the construction and coating was on point and look mean on the truck.

      Sebastian Jedrzejczyk
      amazing sound and quality

      Exhausts competitior muffler replacement Sounds absolutely amazing and easy to fit just under 1hr Inc tips

      Quick delivery within Us
      However I hevr ordered via 3rd party in US and than got delivered to UK 🇬🇧


      The tips are the finishing touch to sound and look too my truck

      John Smith
      Tips fill in the bumper perfect

      Bought these because the stock tips looked funky to me. The black Carven tips fill in the bumper perfect and look good. Install took me 10 minutes.