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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Team TCB
      Dump for the gx 470

      Will I gave them a call 📞 and talked to one of the employees which was nice and refreshing the overall build of stainless and tig welding is killer installation was a breeze top quality definitely wakes up the V8 there is a drone decibel level at about 1000 to 2000 RPM that doesn’t do good with my ears, but overall I am pleased with the product and the price point

      Raul Piedad
      Beasty V8 sound

      Installing the dump exit kit on my gx460 woke up the beast in it. It’s going to take some getting use to the sound since I drive it everyday but for now, I am liking it. Thanks Carven


      Sounds most excellent

      Chuck Bradley
      My V-8 actually sounds like a V-8.

      Absolutely love the the sound. It’s a nice deep rumble. In theory I should get better MPG, not sure that’s going to happen for a little while due to me enjoying the sound of the mechanical symphony that now plays underneath my GX.

      David Salva
      Great Exhaust at Great Price

      Loving this exhaust. The YouTube video they have for this made the install go very smooth!! Was able to back up the GX onto some ramps and do it in my driveway in about an hour.